Tejuva-Chandgarh Wind Farm

Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, India

192.8 MW




Projects - Tejuva-Chandgarh Wind Farm

Tejuva-Chandgarh wind project is the state-of-the-art wind project delivering prominent sustainable benefits to local as well global environment. The project activity is one of the latest addition to CLP India’s renewable portfolio. Total capacity of the project is 192.8 MW.

The project activity has been implemented in 2 phases – the first phase i.e. Tejuva site with capacity of 100.8 MW has used Suzlon make 2.1 MW S97 machines and second phase i.e. Chandgarh site with capacity of 92 MW has used Gamesa make 2.0 MW G97 and G114 machines. The Project has installed 94 numbers of Wind Turbine Generators to generate electrical power for export to the distribution licensee. The project is designed to generate 384.6 million units every year, which is equivalent to powering more than 76000 Indian households. The project activity has designed to avoid more than 364,000 tones CO2e per year and saves more than 1,346 million liters of water per year compared to a typical coal power plant, which is currently dominating Indian electricity sector.

In addition to that CLP Wind Farms has undertaken numerous community development project focused on improving health and education, and creating sustainable community around the project.

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